Anisotropic Conductive Films and Pastes

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Ito Group is recognized as a world leader in Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive technologies. We maintain two ACF Applications Labs, conduct regular training seminars, present at trade conferences and in technical publications, and constantly work with global technology leaders to improve both our and their understand of how ACF and ACP can be used to support faster, cheaper, and more reliable manufacturing requirements.

Ito Group also maintains a website designed solely to provide information and help train the global community in how anisotropic conductive films and pastes are used. This website, located at, should be your first stop if you are looking to develop a better understanding of ACF or ACP. Please also look at the pages here for an overview of the technology and for information on how to contact one of our salespeople to provide in-depth assistance in finding a solution right for you.

Anisotropic Conducive Pastes are a growing alternative to Anisotropic Conductive Films. ACP is a dispensible and/or printable anisotropically conductive adhesive that is most often used in low cost flip chip…
Anisotropic Conductive Film is a mature assembly technology with a long history and deep supporting infrastructure. Starting with LCD assembly in the world’s first cheap LCD calculators in the early…