Advanced Capacitor Discharge Type Power Supply

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Rapid Release of Energy

  • Dual pulse function minimizes welding sparks and improves welding quality.
  • Suitable for aluminum and copper, as well as other welding materials.
  • Deformation and burning is minimized due to the short, concentrated energy burst.
  • Fast charging time improves productivity. Welding Speed at 75 W・S is 120 shots per minute.
  • VS (Very Short) mode allows to obtain peak welding current equal to 200 W・S.
Items Specifications
Type NRW-DC150
Welding Transformer Built-in Type
Stored Energy 1-150W.S (0.1steps)
Maximum Output Power VS Pulse 5500A 2.1ms S Pulse 4500A 3.2ms M Pulse 3600A 4.3ms L Pulse 2600A 6.2ms
Duty Cycle 25W・S : 200 shots/min 75W・S : 120 shots/min 150W・S : 80 shots/min
Dual Pulse Function Standard Specification
Squeeze time 0.01-9.99sec
Hold Time 0.01-9.99sec
Dimensions / mass W220×D400×H347mm / ≈31kg
Power Source AC200-230V ±10% 1φ ※Option AC100V

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