Cartridges and Barrels

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Lightweight cartridge suitable for dispensing large volumes of fluid. This is suitable for large volumes of fluid. You can select the best size (100 ml,170 ml,and 340 ml) to match…

Containers and covers for storing fluid materials with cartridge type products.

Direct dispensing from commercially available tubes. Insert a full, commercially available tube into the cartridge. Cartridge allows you to dispense fixed doses directly from the tube when using a Musashi…

Direct dispensing from a commercially available tube of sealant. This cartridge is used for dispensing commercially available 330 ml(cc) tubes of sealant with Musashi dispensers.

Tube used to supply pressurized air to a cartridge or valve.

Select type to match your fluid requirements. Insert the packing into the cartridge cap to seal the top of the barrel and cartridge holder. Select a packing that matches the…

This adapter is used to connect valves and cartridges to a needle.