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We started out as the Ito Chemical Works company, grew an international business that was not related to chemicals, spun that business off, and then reintegrated everything under the Ito Corporation name in 1991. We’ve grown a lot and changed a lot, but in the end we are still driven by the same focus on customers and technology that characterized our start in 1946. It takes a lot to survive more than 60 years as a company. It takes even more to do it with the stellar reputation for quality, professionalism, and integrity that are the hallmark of anything bearing the Ito logo.

Ito Corporation is the parent company of Ito Group, and while our various subsidiaries may not have the same long history that we do, they have inherited our commitment to doing things the right way the first time. We’ve captured this commitment in a very short phrase — one that we believe works equally well everywhere in the world.

Ito Corporation

Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.


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