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A compact, reliable, and flexible system designed for repairing or assembling COG interconnections on flat panel displays. Add the FOG toolkit to allow FOG assembly and repair as well.

  • Constant heat system.
  • Semi-automatic and Manual Operation settings.
  • Password protection for Operation and Engineering menu levels.
  • Graph of measured output temperature during operation to provide visual feedback to the operator on equipment functioning.
  • Detailed alarm interlocks and error state messages.
  • Dual button start switches for operator safety.
  • Works for both COG and FOG assemblies.

The CRS-40C handles a larger size of display than most COG machines. Ito Group designed it this way to allow smaller LCD repair houses to purchase one system, add the FOG toolkit, and use the system to handle both COG and FOG repair work.

The CRS-40C is a semi-automatic system that features programmable recipes, a dual heating function allowing both ACF lamination and bonding, and a flexible design that allows many different types of panels to be loaded and used without custom fixtures. The system may also be used for prototyping work or other situations requiring flexibility but not requiring high volume throughput.

Full specifications are available through the link below.


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