Discrete Welding Heads

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Discrete welding heads for complex welding operations in tight spaces.

  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Various configurations are available to meet your application’s requirements.
  • Stable welding conditions with no side-to-side rocking of the electrode.
NA-54A NA-54LA NA-57A NA-58A
Pressure Range 9.8-39.2N 9.8-39.2N 9.8-49N Manual
(1-4Kgf) (1-4Kgf) (1-5Kgf)
Electrode Stroke Max 10mm Max 1mm
Depth Dimension of Pocket 50mm 75mm
Driving Method Manual Manual Manual Manual
Electrode Compatibility EL-125Series EL-54L EL-57A EL-58A
Dimensions (mm) 30Wx195Dx47H 30Wx195Dx47H 36Φx207D 24Wx16Dx157H
Weld Cable Length 1500mm 1500mm 1500mm 1100mm


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