Hybrid Battery Tab Welding Machine Type Power Supply

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All-new proprietary Avio system designed specifically for the assembly of lithium ion batteries.

High-Quality Appearance and Consistent Welding Strength

  • High-Speed Welding

High-speed rising time and high-speed polarity switching enables extremely high-quality appearance, with minimum burning or damage to the assembly.

  • Polarity Switch Function

By minimizing the Peltier effect, both welding spots will be of the same high-quality strength and appearance. This consistent heat balance also results in longer electrode life.

This new model supplies welding power for battery tab welding and features Avio’s unique hybrid method combining the high-speed rising time of a DC type and the high-speed polarity switch of an inverter type.This makes it extremely suitable for battery terminal welding with lithium-ion batteries.

Welding Power Supply NRW-PS300
Welding Transformer NT-PS300
Control Method IGBT Control (Polarity Switch)
2ndary Short-Circui Current 8000A
Setting Range Weld Time Total 0.0~60.0ms
Transformer Tap 4 Step
Number of Condition 63
Monitoring V, I, W, R (Average,Peak) W.S (Phase Shift)
Display of Wave Form V, I, W, R (After Welding)
I/O Function I/Oconnector (50pin), EXT_I/O (12pin)
Interface RS232C
Dimension & Mass Power Supply:W186xD490xH265 mm, ≈19Kg
Transformer:W210xD300xH210 mm, ≈26Kg
Power Source 3φ AC380~415V±5%
(Option:3φ AC200~230V±10%)

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