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The only way to succeed in equipment sales today

is with good support. Good support begins prior to the sale, and even prior to contact with the customer. Our sales team consists of highly-trained engineers who not only understand our products, but also understand how they are likely to be used. This allows us to offer advice that goes beyond the equipment specification sheet and addresses the question customer really needs answered: “How will this equipment perform at my site with my product and with my reliability and production requirement?”

To answer this, we can provide real-world examples of:

  • Equipment layouts
  • Staffing requirements
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) simulations over the presumed life of the equipment, including
    • Cost of materials
    • Cost of factory space, whether cleanroom or standard
    • Cost of maintenance
    • Cost of tooling changeover
    • Cost of afterservice support
    • Cost of unplanned downtime
  • Process flowcharts
  • Material selection checklists


Ito Group of course works closely with its equipment vendors, but where we excel and others do not is our deep ties into the materials and components world. The equipment vendors know their equipment better than anyone, just as the materials suppliers and component manufacturers know their products. What Ito Group offers is the ability to tie all of these different technologies together to provide real-world advice on what set of equipment, materials, and components will provide the best solution for a particular production requirement.

You have the world to compete with. Partner with Ito Group to win.

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