Resistance Welder System Heads

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These small and high performance heads offer stable welding conditions and can be mated to matching motor drives for applications requiring extra precision.

  • High reliance welding using a direct weld application process..
  • Soft landing function.
  • Teaching function.
  • Up to 6 different operation speeds.
  • Up to 4 different settable positions.
  • LED display of weld timings.
  NA-121 NA-122 NA-124
Pressure Range 0.7-5N 5-65N 40-300N
Driving Method Spring Spring Spring
Electrode Compatibility EH-062, EH-125 EH-125, EH-250, EO-250 EH-60C, EO-250, EH-250, EH-80
Dimensions 74W x 48D x 285H 82W x 50D x 301H 92.8W x 56.6D x 326H
≈ 0.6kg ≈ 0.8kg ≈ 1.5kg
  NA-131 NA-132 NA-143
Pressure Range 0.7-5N 5-65N 40-150N
Driving Method Spring Spring Spring
Electrode EP-406,EP-711 EP-406,EP-711 EH-125,EH-250,EO-250
Dimensions 76W x 51D x 299H 76W x 51D x 299H 174.2W x 61.8D x 302H
≈ 0.7kg ≈ 0.7kg ≈ 2.7kg


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