Single Phase AC Power Supply

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Single-phase AC type welding is suitable for thick plate and copper stranded cable applications.

  • Small size and wide range of functions makes it suitable for automated systems.
  • Automatic switching function for 2 different setting conditions.
  • Built-in compensation circuit for power source voltage.
  • High power for applications with heat-sinking problems.
Items NRW-5A /NT-5A NRW-25A/NT-8A
Control System Synchronized
Range of Heat Control 40~100%
Welding Time 0.5~99 cycles
Welding Function pre-heating, up slope, cool time, channel switching function
Rated Capacity 3KVA(duty cycle 50%) 6KVA(duty cycle 50%)
Secondary Open-circuit Voltage 1.1, 1.8, 3.0, 5.0(V) 1.8, 3.0, 5.0(V)
Power Source 1Φ,AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions (mm) NRW-5A: 110Wx315Dx227H
NT – 5A: 200Wx350Dx265H
NRW-25A: 150Wx315Dx227H
NT – 8A: 230Wx566Dx335H
Mass NRW-5A: 6kg
NT-5A: 29kg
NRW-25A: 7.8kg
NT-8A: 47kg


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