Solder Pallets and SMT Pallets

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Solder Pallets and SMT Pallets Custom Designed for Your Board and Solder Reflow Line

  • Custom designs
  • Variety of materials available, such as Glastic, Durostone, and others.
  • Ito’s patented solder thief system for reducing bridges across very dense and large pin arrays.
  • Easily handles lead-free solder temperatures and chemistries.
  • Applicable for SMT reflow, wave solder, and selective soldering.
  • Ito builds solder pallets at our facilities in Japan and Thailand. We have built thousands of solder and SMT pallets.
  • Black and grey colors.
  • Teflon coating available for high-end applications.
  • We will build from gerber data or sample boards.
  • We will also build fixtures and other structures requiring Durostone, Glastic, or similar grade materials.

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