Standard Heater Tips or Hotbars for TCW Power Supplies

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Standard Heater Tips and Hotbars for all Avio TCW Power Supplies

We supply a wide range of standard and custom heads that work across all Avio and most other manufacturer’s pulse heat power supplies. Please review the list of standard sizes shown below, or contact one of our salespeople for an in-depth discussion of what type of tip or hotbar will work best for your application.

Standard Heater Tip : HT-W(plate thickness)-L(tip length)

HT-08-01 / HT-16-2 / HT-24-3
HT-16-4 / HT-16-6 /HT-16-8 / HT-16-10
HT-16-15 / T-16-20
HT-16-25 / HT-16-30 /HT-16-35 / HT-16-40

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