Our History

Ito Group was started in 1946 with the founding of the Ito Chemical Works Company. We started out as a manufacturer, have created, sold, and merged with manufacturers as we matured, and have never lost that spark to build the next great thing.

1946 October Established Ito Chemical Works
1948 July Incorporated under the name Ito Yakuhin K.K, President: Kikuo Ito
1975 October Spun off the sales department handling products from Screen Printing Systems, Inc. of the United States as Reinke International Corporation
1982 October Hiroyasu Ito becomes President
1987 July Increased the capital stock to 22,000,000 yen
1991 March Merged Ito Yakuhin KK with Reinke International Corporation to form Ito Corporation, President: Hiroyasu Ito
1994 January Established Ito America Corporation in the United States, President: Peter Opdahl
1998 July Increased the capital stock to 50,000,000 yen
2006 May Established Ito Precision Technologies Limited in Bangkok, Thailand
2006 October Established Ito Corporation (Cyprus) Limited
2007 April Peter Opdahl took office as the president
2007 December Establised Ito Technology and iToucan Technology Services in Shenzhen, China
2008 October Established Ito Precision Technologies Private Limited in Chennai, India
2011 September Established Ito Corporation (Cyprus) Limited Office in Munich, Germany
2012 July Established Ito Viet Nam Company Limited in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
2014 May Established Ito Corporation Taiwan Branch in Taipei, Taiwan
2014 July Established Ito Group Holdings Pte. Ltd. in Singapore