As electronics devices continue to increase in complexity, while shrinking in terms of size and weight, many technology companies have moved to flexible substrate assembly solutions. Ito Group has been on the forefront of this market trend, developing our technological offering and supplier network over the past 10+ years. We can offer a variety of custom circuit board solutions coupled with assembly processes to suit the needs of all kinds of electronics manufacturers. Not only are we able to offer the most cutting edge technologies, but we have developed our supply chain in a way to offer the maximum flexibly in terms of order quantity. We will happily support your product development from proof of concept to mass production, removing the headaches of managing multiple production partners over the lifetime of your product.

Flexible Substrates

At the core of every flexible assembly is a flexible circuit. Ito Group can offer custom flexible or rigid-flex circuits of all kinds. We use any combination of subtractive, semi-additive, and fully additive production processes to bring minimum circuit pitch to 16um in production. We have state of the art in-line monitoring to ensure excellent circuit quality and thus signal integrity. Need something special or maybe a bare flexible circuit without any assembly? No problem! By combining offers from multiple factories, we are sure we will be able to make a proposal which suits your needs.

Assembly Solutions

Access to the ideal assembly technology is critical to your project’s success. Our company has created partnerships with a verity assembly houses to cover the breadth of assembly technologies on the market. Flip Chip, SMT, TCB, GGI, ECS, GBS, C4, CPB, ACF / ACP, NCF / NCP, COP, COF, FOF, FOG, COG, FOB, BOB, ZIF Connector Application and Stiffener Application are just some of the processes we can offer. Not all solutions are available at every one of our partners, but it does not matter. Ito will select the best fit for your needs and arrange for your products’ logistics to ensure you have access to the assembly technologies your product requires. Additionally, we will adjust the matrix of partners to scale capacity as your demand increases or provide complete equipment-component-process offerings with local support, allowing you to bring the assembly in house when the time is right.

Value Added Services

We are not simply mixing and matching suppliers to suit your needs, but Ito offers additional services which our partners are either unable or unwilling to provide.

Layout Services and Design Review

Often our customers do not have a complete product design. This is no problem. Our team of experienced product design and assembly engineers will review your requirements, providing circuit layout services, design for manufacture feedback, and best fit component selection so your product can be fully realized.

Component Sourcing

Obtaining the best fit component combination from multiple sources at a reasonable price is never easy, especially at low volumes. By working with Ito you will be able to piggy-back your demand onto the other products Ito is already supporting, affording you better negotiation terms and access to supply which is normally reserved for the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. Does your product require a proprietary IC solution? We can help there too. Not only can we help to supply such products with our wafer fab partners, we can also provide wafer processing and bumping services to match with your assembly processes down the line.

Supply Chain Management

Ensuring the right parts are in the right place at the right time is one of the largest challenges of globalized electronics manufacturing. Ito removes such headaches, by flexibly sourcing your components, holding and managing stock of both parts and final products, and arranging logistics at every step in the supply chain. Need flexible payment terms or on-site stock, we can help there too.

Testing and Inspection Solutions

Each of our partners offers best practice testing and inspection solutions to match their experience and unique know-how. 100% visual inspection? AOI? O/S testing? Custom functional testing solutions? Not only can we offer these processes, but we can also offer custom, automation solution to enhance productivity inline or at your facility.

We Will Support Your Product Success From Anywhere in the World

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