Kundenspezifische Ausrüstung

Ito Group has a unique set of technologies and advantages that stem from 75 years of experience in manufacturing and electronics assembly. We use these technologies and advantages to build both standard and custom equipment for customers ranging from R&D labs to high volume factories running over 1KK assemblies/day.



  • 3D CAD designs with finite element analysis, motion modeling, and throughput simulation


  • Metals, ceramics, glass, polymers, engineered hybrid materials
  • Surface treatments, including anodization, fluoropolymer, and diamond-like coatings
  • Clamp, vacuum, electrostatic

Thermal controls

  • Passive or constant heating/cooling
  • Active heating and cooling through proprietary and off-the-shelf technologies
  • Ceramic or metal heating elements

Advanced Sensors

  • Automatic feedback loops
  • Cameras and image processing
  • 3D surface inspection
  • ESD controls


  • Match the above to up to 6-axis of freedom robotics at sub-micron resolution
  • Software controls to ergonomically and clearly control complex systems
  • Data collection and provision


75 years of experience manufacturing in Asia

Focused on handling and micro-joining

Thousands of machines installed in institutions ranging from pure R&D centers through factories producing 1 million units/day

Local support in all major world markets

Formal partnerships with

  • Musashi Engineering – Dispensing
  • Nippon Avionics – Pulsed Heat and Ultrasonic Welding
  • Ohashi Engineering – The best Japanese precision assembly equipment available
  • APP – Atmospheric Plasma cleaning and etching
  • Showa Denko Materials – Anisotropic, isotropic, and insulative adhesives
  • Kyoritsu Chemicals
  • Compass Technologies – Ultra fine pitch flexible circuits and 3D packaging
  • ACI Lasers

Strong understanding of processes and the capability to perform process development as part of our contract