What we do depends a great deal

on where we are doing it — our customer requirements in the USA are much different than they are in India or China, for example. In all cases, however, we come back to our roots, our Guiding Principle.

There is always a right way to do something. It is our duty to ourselves, our company, and our clients to find that right way.

This goal to “Do the right thing” is what we at Ito Group strive each and every day to achieve. It holds whether we are deep into a strategically important R&D effort with a globally known company or talking about manufacturing options at a small job shop. Each one of our clients has requirements, and it is our job to understand and service them with an equal level of professionalism and commitment.

My name is Peter Opdahl. I am President of Ito Group, and my mobile phone number is +1-714-733-8839. If you ever feel that an employee at any Ito Group company has not done the right thing, I want to know about it. If you call this number, I will answer it, not an assistant or somebody from Customer Service. You can speak with me and I will follow up directly with those involved and reply directly back to you with what I have found. We are, after all, a sales organization, and without our customers we are nothing. That makes you my highest priority and hopefully provides a clear example of how deeply our Guiding Principle runs.

Ito Group
Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.