Automatic Type NAW-6000

Crystal & SAW, Optical device, Sensor, MEMS


  • PKG size 2~150mm – Flat cap, Window lid applicable
  • Lid placement accuracy is highest level in the industry
  • High performance welding controller restrains heat storage
  • Choice of function for method & volume of production
    • Lid supply : Tray(Standard), Cassette, Parts feeder, Manual placement
    • Anneal oven : position(left/right), Number of shelves・rows・pieces
    • Add HEPA filter(Restrain effect from particle)
    • Applicable Lid: T=0.3mm or less (NAW-6100)
    • Wide seal width is secured to minimize leak defect. (NAW-6100)




Selectable anneal chamber (Example)

NAW-6100, NAW-6000 Specifications

Items NAW-6100 NAW-6000
Applicable Size Work 2mm~150mm
Welding Controller Control Method W Mode
Rated Capacity 4kVA 2kVA
Monitor I,V,W,R
Welding Head Head Pressure 3~22N 2~20N
Vertical Stroke 15mm
Distance between Electrode 2~150mm
Booth Atmospheric Management By dew point meter
Reachable Dew Point Less than 45℃
Structure Pass box, Various oven chambers are available
Lid Supply Selectable from tray (Standard), cassette, parts feeder, and manual placement
Image Recognition Unique algorithm
Operation Touch panel and hard switch
Size (Reference) W2100mm × D960mm × H2000mm

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