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Capacitor discharge type power supplies provide very short welding times. These limit the chance of burning or deformation of the part and allows repeatable welding of small parts.

  • Welding is interlocked and will not engage if the charged voltage does not reach a preset value.
  • The capacity of the condenser bank can be switched to other levels. (50% or 100%)
  • Three kinds of welding wave forms can be set.
  • A counter with preset functions is built into the system.
Items NRW-100A/NT-100A NRW-200A/NT-200A
Capacitance of Condenser 1500 μF 3000 μF
Stored Energy 1 – 100W·S(0.1 step) 2 – 200 W·S(0.1 step)
Mean Value of Maximum Output S 4700A 1.8ms M 3600A 3.2ms L 2200A 6.5ms S 5500 A 3.2ms M 4200 A 4.9 ms L 2400 A 10.5ms
Power Source AC100V±10% 50/60Hz 15A AC100 V±10% 50/60 Hz 20A
Dimensions (mm) NRW-100A: 180WX424DX294H NT-100A: 160WX285DX220H NRW-200 A: 220WX424DX363H NT-200A: 200WX324DX272H
Weight NRW-100A: ≈21kg NT-100A: ≈16kg NRW-200A: ≈32kg NT-200A: ≈26kg

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