Desktop Pulse Heat System (Turn Table Type)

  • High-precision, High-quality
    Thermo-compression bonding with extremely low level of variation can be achieved by systemizing both the temperature control of pulse heat and the motor drive of the system head with resolution of 1μm pulse.
    It is suitable for thermo-compression bonding/soldering of fine wire or fine-pitched works.
    Enhanced monitoring functions serve to quality control.
  • Welding Various Types of Works
    Up to 7 condition settings can be registered, which enables easy type-switching.
    It can weld various types of works by changing the system head (option) and heater tip/tool(sold separately).
  • Space-saving / High Productivity
    Easy-to-install compact desktop device achieves high productivity (cell production) in a small space.
  • High Level of Safety
    The door lock system (Opening and closing door lock), which prevents the heat from being touched by hand when in operation, is installed to offer a superior level of safety.
Items TCW-2000
Size of Turntable 400mm in diameter
Size of Loading Jig 160mm x 160mm
Stroke Max.50mm, 1μmSTEP
Pressure Method Spring
Z-axis Drive Method Motor
Turntable Drive Method Motor
Power Source 1Φ, AC200 – 240V 50/60Hz, 3KVA Conforming to CE Standard
Operating Range of
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature: 0 – 40°C,
Humidity: 35 – 85% (No Condensation)
Dimension / Weight 870(W) x 650(D) x 565(H)mm (including Pulse Heat Power Supply)
84.6kg (including Pulse Heat Power Supply and Weld cable)
Options Tape-feeder, Smoke Evacuator

* System head, Heater tip and Heater tool are not included in this system (sold separately).

System Head
Heater Tip Type NA-111 (Pressure: 0.7 – 5N)
NA-112 (Pressure: 5 – 65N)
Heater Tool Type NA-151 (Pressure: 1.2 – 7N)
NA-152 (Pressure: 5 – 70N)
NA-153 (Pressure: 20 – 140N)

Examples of Equipment Using Pulse Heat Unit

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