DFLVentus Marker Eco (10/20/30W)

Technical details

The fibre laser DFLVentus Marker of the product serie EconomyFIBRE is an easy-to-use fibre laser system according to laser class 1. It offers a significant price advantage compared to the fibre lasers of the product serie BusinessFIBRE and therefore is an ideal entry-level system into laser material processing. According to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 comply with the safety standards and guidlines for functional safety.

Fields of application

Despite it’s simple construction DFLVentus Marker Eco is a reliable, robust fibre laser for the marking of various metals and plastics.This fibre laser is suitable for simple and yet powerful marking applications, especially on stainless steel it achieves outstanding black marking results.

DFLVentus Marker of the serie EconomyFIBRE is best used in combination with the laserstation WorkstationBASIC. This fibre laser can be used either in a manual workplace or as integration component in a production line.


The marking software MagicMark required for operation is included in the scope of delivery. This enables the marking of texts, graphics, codes such as Data Matrix or barcodes, serial numbers, logos and wraparound circumferential marking without lap marks on rotationally symmetrical workpieces. An intelligent rights management system supports the establishment of different operator groups, thus allowing customisation of the system to the user’s individual requirements. Even semiautomatic operation with independent data exchange to different data sources is possible without any problems.

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Lasertype: Yb:Fibre, Q-switched
Wave length: 1064 nm ± 4 nm
Laser power: 20/30/50W
Beam quality: 1,6 ≤ M² ≤ 1,8
Peak power: bis zu 12,5 kW
Pulse energy: bis zu 1 mJ
Number of adjustable pulse lengths: 80~140 (frequenzabhängig)
Pulse repetition rate: 20~80 kHz (systemabhängig)
Laser class: 4
Input: 250 W ≤ Pel ≤ 400 W
Labeling field size 1: 60×60 mm
Labeling field size 2: 110×110 mm
Labeling field size 3: 180×180 mm
Weight: 8/20 kg (Laserkopf/Versorgungseinheit)
Length: 595/650 mm
Width: 203/225 mm
Height: 140/460 mm
Connected load: 85–264 VAC/10 A  /50–60 Hz
Interfaces: USB 2.0, SPS-Interface, Interlock PLe


Annealing marking: very good
Coating ablation: very good
Material ablation: very good

Foaming: good
Carbonation: good
Engraving: unsuitable

Glass: unsuitable
Ceramics: good
Wood, Paper, Leather: unsuitable

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