DFLVentus Marker Industrial Design (20/50/70W)

Technical details

Fields of application

This compact laser system has been designed especially for industrial environments and the use in production lines. The stable aluminium housing is protected against dust and spray water and flexible mountable. The laser system is available as 19” built-in unit or tabletop device with various performance levels and beam qualities customizable to the requirements of the application.


• Functional safety due to PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1
• Protection class IP64
• 100 % air-cooled
• Ambient temperature up to 40 °C
• 4 mounting positions
• Separability of laser head and supply unit
• 3 m fiber length (optional 5 m)
• Scalable laser output power from 20 to 70 W
• Low power input
• Control with external control PC

Standard interfaces:
• Wide range input from 80 to 240 V
• 8 digital inputs and outputs
• External safety circuit acc. to PLe
• Communication interface (USB 2.0)

• Software package included
• Remote diagnostics tool
• Predefined parameter sets

Software control

The modern software architecture of ACI’s laser marking software MagicMark allows a targeted access to all available functions and control possibilities of the laser system as well as the laser peripherals (WS/DM etc.).

Internal programming:
• VB.Net [Winwrap Basic] • Integrated in MagicMark

External programming:
• C#.Net [MS Visual Studio] • Access to class library

Features (optional)

• FocusSHIFTER (real-time height adjustment for laser marking objects with different component heights)
• Vision systems for automatic object identification (AOI), camera-supported positioning of markings (CPM) and code reading systems
• Various object lenses for different marking area sizes
• Fully integrated control (support of various communication protocols, such as TCP/IP, Industrial Ethernet, Siemens S7 connection, USB etc.)

Available interfaces:
• Encoder input for marking on-the-fly
• Serial communication interfaces (RS232, RS485)
• Ethernet communication interface (2x)
• External USB output (e.g. for camera applications

Please contact our distribution partner in your home country for further information.

Lasertype: Yb:Fibre, MOPA-System
Wave length: 1064 nm ± 5 nm
Laser power: 20–100 W
Beam quality: 1,6 ≤ M² ≤ 1,8
Peak power: bis zu/ up to 10 kW
Pulse energy: bis zu/ up to 1 mJ
Number of adjustable pulse forms: bis zu/ up to 40
Pulse repetition rate: 1 kHz–1 MHz
Laser class: 4
Input: 100 W ≤ Pel ≤ 400 W
Labeling field size 1: 60 x 60 mm
Labeling field size 2: 110 x 110 mm
Labeling field size 3: 180 x 180 mm
Weight: 7 kg (Kopf/head), 25 kg (Rack)
Length: 464 mm (Kopf/head), 509 mm (Rack)
Width: 149 mm (Kopf/head), 483 mm (Rack)
Height: 107 mm (Kopf/head), 157 mm (Rack)
Connected load: 85-240 VAC, 10 A  /50-60 Hz
Interfaces: USB 2.0, SPS-Interface, Interlock PLe


Annealing marking: very good
Coating ablation: very good
Material ablation: very good

Foaming: good
Carbonation: good
Engraving: unsuitable

Glass: unsuitable
Ceramics: good
Wood, Paper, Leather: unsuitable

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