Digital Force Gauge

FG-400 & TJ Series









  • Compact and light weight
  • 3-way power supply
  • Display hold function is equipped
  • Easy zero adjustment function
  • Automatic recognition of the type of sensor
  • Judgment function (High & Low) is equipped

* Calibration certificate for FG-400 is not free of charge. Please ask sales representative for quotation.

* FG-400 and TJ series are sold separately.












Display 4digi (t 0000-9999)N
Zeroing Adjustment Automatic regulation by switching
Hold Function Sample/Peak
Interface RS-232C
Power Source Use by AA type battery, Ni-H type battery or Dedicated AC adapter (AC100 – 240V 1Φ)
Dimension / Weight W77 x D140 x H27mm ≈300g


TJ-1A TJ-20R or TJ-20A TJ-100R or TJ-100A TJ-500R or TJ-500A
Measuring Range 0 – 10N 0 – 196N 0 – 980N 0 – 4900N
Critical Load 20N 294N 1470N 7350N
Accuracy ±2% (of full scale)

Pressure Sensor for Incorporation into Equipment.

TJS-1R TJS-20R TJS-100R TJS-100A-NA124 TJS-500A-NA126
Measurement Range 0 – 10N 0 – 196N 0 – 980N 0 – 980N 0 – 4900N
Critical Load 20N 294N 1470N 1470N 7350N
Accuracy ±3% (of full scale)
Applicable Welding Head NA-121,122,123

* A pusher is optionally required for integration into the Welding Head.






Examples for integration of the sensors into the Welding head

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