Drive Unit for Pulse Heat Unit (Hot Bar Bonder)

Motor Drive & Controller

CNT-320A & NA-201P, NA-202P








  • Motor drive with 1μm resolution supports precise welding
  • It equips with a pressure stability function to keep the pressure stable and to improve the quality of welding
  • It reduces pressure damage by using a position control function during welding
  • It reduces heat damage by using high pressure/low temperature welding processes with a max. 300 N force (When NA-202P is used)
  • It provides intuitive operation by color touch panel and lever jog switch
  • Soft-landing process with a slow moving speed of 0.1mm/sec is provided
  • Seven operation conditions can be saved
Items CNT-320A & NA-201P/NA-202P
Drive Method Motor
Stroke MAX 50mm, 1μm Step
Power Source DC24V ±10% 4A
(Option: AC Adapter AC100 – 240V)
/ Weight
CNT-320A W120 x D230 x H207mm ≈3kg
NA-201P W52.5 x D78.5 x H276.1mm ≈2kg
NA-202P W69 x D99.5 x H336.3mm ≈4.2kg

CNT-310 & NA-201









  • It equips with soft landing & teaching function
  • Operation speed can be switched by Five steps
  • Operation position can be set by Four points
  • Timing of welding can be confirmed by LED
Items CNT-310 & NA-201
Drive Method Motor
Stroke Max 50mm, 10μm Step
Power Source DC24V ±10% 2A (Option: AC Adapter AC100 – 240V)
Dimension / Weight NA-201 → W50 x D82.5 x H320mm ≈2kg CNT-310 → W80 x D211 x H188mm ≈2kg

Air Drive

NA-221, 222







Manual Drive








Items NA-221 NA-222
Drive Method Air Air
Stroke Max 50mm Max 50mm
Speed Control with Speed Controller (Φ4mm Tube) with Speed Controller (Φ6mm Tube)
Air Pressure 0.05 – 0.6MPa 0.4 – 0.6MPa
Dimension / Weight W78 x D83 x H280mm ≈1.3kg W86 x D85 x H289mm ≈2.2kg


Items NA-231
Drive Method Manual by Foot Pedal
Stroke Max 10mm
Height Control Range 40mm
Dimension / Weight Drive Unit → W51 x D79 x H192mm ≈1kg Foot Pedal → W124 x D268 x H125mm ≈2.2kg

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