Floating Carrier Camera Module Tooling for ACF

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Tooling for ACF Bonding of Camera Modules or Other Complex 3D Devices

  • Compensates for lack of coplanarity between the top and bottom surfaces of the substrate.
  • Successful production history at values of up to 200µm of noncoplanarity.
  • Improved cooling function.
  • Improved load and unload times
  • Antistatic and ESD safe materials.
  • Designed for rapid tooling changeover.
  • Experience with single cavity through 45-cavity designs.
  • Works with Ohashi Engineering or Ito Brand ACF bonding equipment.
  • In-house design team with rapid response and prototyping capability

Each camera module is different, and some may benefit more from a Floating CarrierTM design than others. Typically, if a camera module or other device has noncoplanarity of >30µm between the top and bottom sides, a Floating CarrierTM design can greatly improve yield, overall reliability, and electrical performance of the bond.

Contact your local sales team for more information and a free evaluation of your camera module using our Pressure ScanningTM service.

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