Full Automation dispenser device DISPENS MASTER SERIES FAD2500SA

Next-generation agent Highway JET dispensing to temporarily fasten!
We realize “outstanding stability” and “any amount of coating, shape”.

  • It was made exclusive design
    It carries high precision jet dispenser AeroJet®.
  • We realize super-high-speed dispensing of 0.07sec/dot.
  • Non-contact dispensing is possible without damage to Substrate.


Model FAD2500SA
Discharge pressure setting PC+PLC
Application work Semiconductor, electronic equipment, in-vehicle Substrate
Movement speed X/Y 1,000mm/s
Movement speed Z 500mm/s
Refrain locational accuracy X/Y ±0.01mm
Refrain locational accuracy Z ±0.01mm
The number of the dispensing unit Equipped 1
Application work dimensions L 50mm – 330mm
Application work dimensions W 30mm – 250mm
Application work dimensions t 0.5 mm – 3mm
The number of the lanes 1
The number of the stages 1
Normal voltage and frequency 200V single phase 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 30A maximum
Exterior dimensions W*D*H (※ 1) W: 970mm D: 1,250mm H: 1,500mm
Weight 600 kg

※It is number not to include 1 loader/unloader.

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