Full Automation Substrate coating device COATING MASTER FCD1000

Non-contact, no scattering automatic coating

  • Masking is not necessary and, without scattering, controls spot coating freely from wide area.
  • Superior dispensing reproducibility by image recognition standard Equipped.
  • We can cope to medium size Substrate Max.250 X 330mm.
  • Combination is possible from in-line type to loader/unloader type.



Model FCD1000
Work size Width: 30mm – 250mm
Length: 50mm – 330mm
Equipped dispenser CV-10
Programmed input method MUCADIII
Exterior dimensions W860×D1,100×H1,500mm
Weight 350 kg
Power supply 200V, 20A

※Available work size fluctuates by optional to choose. Please refer for the details.

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