V-Star General Purpose Automation Platform

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The V-Star Platform is a FLEXIBLE and GENERAL-PURPOSE automation platform for electronics manufacturing, especially smartphone assembly. Changeovers for other purposes are very easy, and extra features can be quickly added.

Key Technology Features:

  • Micro joining
  • Micro welding
  • Micro dispensing
  • Multi-material laser marking
  • High-precision movement
  • High-precision vision















Below are how it works and how it benefits your factory in electronics manufacturing management.

1) Every machine in the V-Star automation platform is able work as a standalone machine and they can also be connected together as one fully automated line for electronics production:

  • The transportation method for products between machine-to-machine driven by Conveyor system
  • The actual machine stage is driven by high-precision XY motors which ensure the high-quality at the output.
  • The head unit (with or without rotation) is designed independently to be detached, and replaced by a new head
  • The head unit is flexible and can be integrated with many types of actuators, and equipment (such as cameras for visual inspection and vision system, barcode readers for traceability, etc)
  • The head unit can also be integrated with other technologies from third parties; such as AVIO welding head, MUSASHI dispensing head, ACI laser marking head, HAKKO Soldering head, etc.














2) Flexibility in production line configuration; such as 1, 1-1, 1-1-1, 1-1-1-1 or any configuration what is suitable for your output requirements.














3) Connect to other makers’ machines via standardized communication protocols and standardized conveyor system; such as Ethernet TCP/IP, CC-link IE Field, Modbus, Serial.

























4) There are 3 general purpose platforms in the V-Star line-up. Depending on each manufacturing purpose and desired quality, you can decide which platform you would like to use; 2-axes, 3-axes or 4-axes.

  • V2-3030: general purpose 2-axes platform
  • V3-3030: general purpose 3-axes platform
  • V4-3030: high-precision 4-axes platform

The V-Star automation platform – Front view















The V-Star automation platform – Left / Right view














The production configuration: V2-V4-V3 for a high-precision electronics assembly














The V4-3030: High-precision 4-axes general purpose platform


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