Heat-resistant 130 degrees Celsius syringe PSY-30FH2-P

Superior dispensing volume accuracy. It is available with hot melt adhesive of errand more safely!

High heat-resistant temperature 130 degrees Celsius
・It is available with hot melt adhesive more safely.
・It depends on original shape
Superior dispensing volume accuracy and high flow characteristic.
⇒We realize high precision dispensing.
・Process improvement from the double-stick tape joining,
It is most suitable for minute drawing.
・EU RoHS conformity

Material: Polypropylene

Capacity No scale Dimensions mm Quantity
Model Full length Outer diameter Tab Dimension
30 ml PSY-30FH2-P 130 φ 26.5 45 X 30 50/1 pack

※Use pressure region: Max.0.5MPa (normal temperature~130 degrees Celsius)

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