High-performance Plastic Welder

Displacement and Energy Amount are Feedback Controlled!

Superior operability by LCD display and touch panel and high level welding control by digital setting are realized

  • Data Management – Set Welding Time, Displacement and Energy Level
  • Intuitive and User Friendly Operability
    Includes front color LCD touch panel.
  • PC Compatible to Data Management
    PC network connection via LAN and recording/operation by USB memory contribute to stable quality and shortening investigation time for cause should a failure occur.
    Major welding waveform parameters instantaneously displayed to provide a high level of welding control and analysis.

Wide Range of Welding Management Functions

  • Welding Process Control and Management
    Holds and monitors the melting depth (DEPTH) and finished dimensions (HEIGHT).
  • Management and Recording of Set Up & Welding Data
    Records and timestamps each welding parameter.
    Supports USB storage devices and connection to a network environment (LAN).
  • Control and Management of Welding Time
    Delay, oscillation period, retention time (cooling time)
  • Power Display
    Displays the peak power reached during welding.
  • Display and Record Welding Waveform
    Frequency, air pressure, applied current, displacement of welding head, actual applied pressure and energy can be displayed and recorded as a waveform.
  • Other Functions
    Frequency check
    2-step pressure
    After burst
    1 μm resolution welding management

Monitor Screen Sample

Touch Panel Operation Enables Detailed Setting of Welding Conditions in a Broad Range

Select Operating Mode
Select Operating Mode
Condition Setting
Condition Setting
Screen during Welding Process
Screen during Welding Process
Setting of Waveform Display Items
Setting of Waveform Display Items
Waveform Display
Waveform Display

W5000 Series – Large Type (W5155 / W5185)

  • Maximum Output 8000 W – World’s Highest in Its Class
  • A Rigid Press Structure for Welding Large Items
  • Compatible for Welds using Super-sized Horns
W5000 Series - Large Type (W5155 / W5185)


Items W5040 W5050 W5070 W5080 W5085 W5095 W5155
Output Power 1200W 1600W 2000W 2400W 2400W 3000W 5000W 8000W
Frequency 20kHz 15kHz
Power Source AC200V ±5% 3Φ 50/60Hz
Oscillation Method Automatic Tuning Hold Master Oscillator System


Items W5040 W5050 W5070 W5080 W5085 W5095 W5155
Amplitude Adjustment Variable (30 – 100%, 1% step)
Soft Start Variable (40 – 200ms)
Operation Type Color LCD Touch Panel
Welding Management System Timer/Depth/Height/Energy mode, Waveform parameter display, Welding condition data recording (USB memory, LAN environment connection)
Dimension / Weight W295 x D550 x H200mm
Approx. 10kg
W325 x D580 x H200mm
Approx. 13kg
W325 x D580 x H200mm
Approx. 16kg
W325 x D580 x H385mm
Approx. 30kg

Welder Unit

Items W5040 W5050 W5070 W5080 W5085 W5095 W5155
Pressure Method Air Cylinder (Electro-Pneumatic Regulator and Load Cell Equipped)
Pressure Method 260N 370N
Maximum Pressure 1500N 2500N 5000N 7000N
Welding Control Method Linear Scale (0.001mm res.)
Parallelism Adjustment Spherical Seat-style Support Flange
Compressed Air Supply Required Clean Air (0.06 – 0.5MPa)
Head Stroke 315mm Custom-designed *2
Horn Stroke 70mm
(Φ63mm Air Cylinder)
(Φ80mm Air Cylinder)
Custom-designed *2
Dimension / Weight W320 x D550 x H1215mm
Approx. 52kg
W380 x D610 x H1335mm
Approx. 88kg
Custom-designed *2

*1 W5155/W5185; Output Power 5000/8000 W, Frequency 15 kHz

*2 W5155/W5185 are available in the unit type or the automated equipment.

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