High Power Inverter Type

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Weld High Conductivity Materials (Cu, Al, etc.) and Large Fusing Parts

  • High Output Power – Delivers 16,000 Amperes Maximum Current
  • Store Up to 255 Welding Conditions for Multiple Welding Applications
  • Easy to Control Welding Conditions
    (Welding Waveform Display, Memory Function)
  • Multiple Safety Features (Detection of Overcurrent, Overheating, No Current, etc.)
  • Monitor Important Functions
    (Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance, Trace)

Power Supply / NRW-IN16K4
Transformer / NT-IN16K4


Graphic Display of Welding Waveform


Welding Power Supply
with High Power Welding Head NA-126


Optimized System for Fusing

As it is controlled by the amount of deformation, the highly reliable joints can be achieved.

For Welding of High Conductivity Materials



Items NRW-IN16K4
Welding Transformer NT-IN16K4
Control Frequency 2kHz
Control Mode Constant Current,
Constant Voltage,
Constant Power,
Fixed Pulse Width
Range of Timer Setting 1st, 2nd, 3rd, UP, WELD, DOWN
Total Time 0.5 – 3000ms (0.5ms STEP)
Setting Range for Weld Type Current: 400 – 16000A (1A STEP)
Voltage: 0.400 – 6200V (0.001V STEP)
Power: 200 – 49200W (1W STEP)
Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance Monitoring Average / Peak / Profile
Trace Monitoring Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Display of Waveform Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Number of Conditions 255
Interface RS-232C
Cooling Method Air
Power Source AC380 – 415V 3Φ
(Option : AC200 – 230V 3Φ)
Dimension / Weight W280 x D410 x H470mm ≈35kg


Items NT-IN16K4
Rated Capacity 87.0kVA
Primary Input Voltage 300V/600V
Secondary Open-circuit Voltage 17.2V (220V)
Transformer Turns Ratio 18:1/36:1
Input Frequency 2kHz
Maximum Welding Current 12000A (200V)/16000A (400V)
Duty Cycle (Weld Time) Water cooling 6.6% (1000ms)
Cooling Method Water
Dimension / Weight W198 x D420 x H357mm ≈48kg


Transformer for Integration into Equipment

Cooling Method Water
Dimension / Weight W92 x D304.5 x H164 ≈16kg
  • *A current sensor is additionally required.

Welding Power Supply

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