High Power Pulse Heat Power Supply

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Ito America, Ito Europe, Ito India

A high power pulse heat power supply for making large or thermally intensive joints.

  • Easily set thermal profiles.
  • Built-in monitoring functions and feedback systems.
  • Standard functions
    • Digital PID control.
    • Temperature monitoring: Upper & Lower limit (Average, Peak), Profile
    • Error Reporting: Overheat, Thermocouple Open, Out of Range, etc.
    • Programmability: 15 recipes
    • RS-232C interface
      • Up and down signals for head movement
      • Air-cooling control signal
      • Auxiliary thermocouple input terminal
Temperature Range Ambient -600℃
(1℃ increments)
Head Compatibility NA-62D, 66, 75, 112
Heating Time 000-999
(x100ms, x10ms)
Power Source 1Φ AC200-230V ±10%
Transformer NT-35 or NT-5A-02 Dimensions 278Wx250Dx120H ≈ 7.4kg
NT-35 NT-5A-02
Rated Power 3KVA 3KVA
Tap Voltage 1.0, 2.0, 3.0V 1.1, 1.8, 3.0 ,5.0V
Dimensions 200Wx270Dx220H ≈ 25kg 200Wx350Dx265H ≈ 29kg

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