InfReC Thermo FLEX F50 Series

InfReC Thermo FLEX F50 Series

Thermo FLEX F50 Series Catalog (PDF: 2.96MB)

New-Style! Removable Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera “Thermo FLEX F50” Debut!

“Thermo FLEX F50 series” is a completely “New-Style” infrared thermal imaging camera can be easily rotated and separated camera-head and controller.
You can take various measurement styles in a wide variety of measurement scene!.

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Various Angles and Various Measurement Styles

Removable camera-head and controller help your safely and stably measuring posture at every angle even at the difficult place to measure.

Removable Style

“Rotation Style”

Camera-head can be tilted and can be mounted on the both joint of controller.

“Separation Style”

Removed camera-head from controller.
Camera-head can be freely operated.

Shooting Style

“Look up”

Rotating camera-head by tilting sense provides you comfortable shooting without facing upward to the high angle.

“Look down”

You can shoot from any angle comfortably by the removable camera-head while watching the controller.

“Turn around”

The removable camera-head can be turned around to the gap or the backside of the equipment even at the dark or narrow.
You can identify objects and capture visible images brightly with the “LED light” on camera-head.

“Put in”

The removable camera-head can be put into the device such as thermostatic chambers.
You can operate the camera-head by touch-screen of the external controller while checking the measurement status.

“Mount on”

The camera-head and controller can be mounted on tripod or fixed on wall by their screws.
You can operate remotely by the controller without touching the camera-head.

“Attach on”

The camera-head and controller can be attached to commercial accessories.
For example, attach the camera-head to a helmet with a sense of wearable or attach the controller to a pole as camera stick.

Un-necessary to Adjust the Focus owing to Wide Angle Lens for Efficiency

The camera-head with 70° or 35° wide angle lens can be detect extensively even in the gap or the backside of the equipment.
If you are not familiar with shooting such as adjusting focus, this wide angle camera will help you to adjust the focus very easily!

70° type wide angle lens can be shot the entire image of the switchboard by one-shot!

Adjusting the focus is no longer needed!
The lens focus on to the building 50 meters ahead.

70℃ heat resistance camera-head save time on testing

70℃ heat resistance camera-head can be put into a thermostatic chamber, which is impossible for the conventional models.
You can operate by the controller attached with outside of the thermostatic chamber.
It is unnecessary for you to do troublesome work was taken much time (about half a day!) such as attaching thermocouple to the thermostatic chambers used for thermal environmental testing.

Easy and Intuitive Operation by Touch-Screen

Operation and setting can be performed by Touch-Screen Operation such as smartphone feeling.

Easy Hardware Key Operation even wearing gloves

Frequent operation such as “Temperature Scale Setting” and “Recording” can also be performed by hardware key. Comfortable measurement is possible even wearing gloves.


“Auto Point” Function – Make the temperature scale’s setting more efficient

  • The setting and adjustment of temperature scale was the most difficult operation for beginners. With the new “Auto Point” function, even beginners can easily set the optimal temperature scale by touching the upper and lower limit temperature values intuitively.
  • Moreover, you can automatically adjust the upper limit temperature values which depends on the temperature change by “Auto-Maximum” function.

Auto Point “ON”

Touch the point you want to set as upper/lower limit temperature values

“Auto Point” setting can be optimized

“Sky Off” Function – “Auto-Scale” works by optimally at outdoor(Patent Pending)

You can set the auto-scale’s upper/lower values by ignoring the temperature of the above/below threshold values.
For instance, setting the auto-scale’s values on the condition of “Ignore 5℃ or less” will mask the temperature of cloud or sky.
It is major problem that accurate measurement has been difficult since the “auto-scale” setting at outdoor is pulled to the temperature of the sky or cloud.
“Sky Off” function solves this problem.

“Sky Off” OFF

“Sky Off” ON

“Burst Shooting” Function – Quick shooting for even at unstable place

Press and hold down “Shutter Button”

“Burst shooting” function can be used for quick shooting at the unstable place where you cannot keep shooting angle or keep your posture.
You can choose the best shot taking your time after quick burst shooting.
The images taken by “Burst shooting” are recorded at maximum 7.5Hz speed, and are recorded to SD card up to 10 seconds
(For “Online model” and “Standard model” only)

“Image Rotation” Function – Rotate the image every 90°

Rotate 180°

“Image Rotation” function can be rotated the image of screen every 90° to correct the orientation of image which rotates due to the orientation of camera.
Accurate measurement is possible for camera-head to turn around the pipes and a narrow space with stable posture while checking the rotating image.

“Composite Visible Image” Function

The controller can be adjusted the transmission of thermal image and visible image on the screen with slide gauge and can be trimmed the thermal image of Picture-in-Picture by freely.

“Alarm” Function

An alarm notifies by voice and message when the camera detects the temperature of the above/below threshold values.
Moreover, “Color Alarm Function” is also equipped for highlighting the specific temperature area.

The New “Trend Graph” Function – Automatically create trend graph without a PC

  • The controller can be created a trend graph for recording the changes of temperature with lapse of time. The controller can capture the changes of temperature without connecting to a PC. The analysis working is drastically reduced.
  • The created trend graph can be transferred to a PC, and the graph will be instantly represented by Excel®. (“Online Model” and “Standard Model” only)
  • “Line Profile” function is also equipped to create a graph of the temperature gradients.

*Microsoft®, Windows®, Word® and Excel® are a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

Real-Time Analysis is possible by connecting to a PC

  • The thermal movie data for analysis is transferred simultaneously to a PC at maximum 7.5Hz via USB2.0. The movie file with temperature data (SVX) or the still image file with temperature data (JPEG) can be recorded to a PC.
  • On-line Analysis is possible by optional software “InReC Analyzer NS9500 Professional”
    (“Online Model” only)


Basic model
(with main basic functions)
Standard model Online model
Basic Performance Field of View *1 35°×35° 70°×70° 35°×35° 70°×70° 35°×35° 70°×70°
Spatial Resolution 2.8mrad 5.3mrad 2.8mrad 5.3mrad 2.8mrad 5.3mrad
Focal Distance 30cm to infinity *2 10cm to infinity *3 30cm to infinity *2 10cm to infinity *3 30cm to infinity *2 10cm to infinity *3
Focus Focus Free
Infrared Detector Uncooled Focal Plane Array (Microbolometer)
Spectral Range 8~14μm
Recording Pixels 240 (H) ×240 (V) pixels
Frame Rate 7.5Hz
Measuring Range -20℃~350℃ *4
Sensitivity (NETD) 0.05℃ at 30℃
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% (Indicated Value) *5
Image Display Auto Function Auto Scale / Auto MAX / Auto point
Color Pallets 7 pallets (Olive, Rainbow, Brightness, Hot-white, Hot-black, etc.)
Gradation 256 / 128 / 64 / 16 grade
Visible Camera CMOS camera 5M pixels
Visible / Thermal Fusion Picture-in-Picture (with trimming function), Blending (transparency changeable, size & position adjustable)
Display Functions 1 to 4 times continuous digital zoom (Thermal, Visible, Fusion)
Measuring Functions Alarm Function Alarm Display, Alarm Sound, Color Alarm, Alarm Recording
Temperature Correction Emissivity (Full image, Multi-point), Environmental/Background, Emissivity Table
Point Temperature 5 Movable Points, Temperature Search: MAX/MIN x1 each
Temperature Display in Assigned Region N/A BOX x 1 (MAX, MIN and AVG in Box)
Line Profile N/A Line x 1
Delta Temp N/A Delta T x 1
Storage & Output Storage Device micro-SD Card, Conforms to SDHC
Data Storage Data Form Still Image : JPEG*6 with temperature data (14 bit) Recorded with, Visible Image
Continuous Recording N/A Max 7.5Hz (Up to 10 sec.)
Interval Recording N/A 3 sec to 60 min interval, with Visible Image recorded
Trend Graph N/A CSV format
Line Profile N/A CSV format
Voice Recording 30 sec Recording, replay per a Thermal image
Text Annotation Annotate up to 128 Characters per a Thermal Image. Characters imported from SD Card
Interface File Transfer USB2.0 (MTP)
Real Time Transfer N/A USB2.0
Image transfer (Thermal Image with visible image. Maximum transfer speed 7.5 Hz) *7
Others Display 4.8 inch HD (720 x 1280 pixels), Touch Panel
Auxiliary LED Light (equipped Camera-Head)
Environment Operating Temperature & Humidity Camera-Head: -20℃ to 70℃, 90%RH (non-condensing)*8
Controller    : -20℃ to 50℃, 90%RH (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature & Humidity Camera-Head: -40℃ to 60℃、90%RH (non-condensing)
Controller    : -40℃ to 60℃, 90%RH (non-condensing)
Drop, Vibration & Shock Engineered to withstand 1m drop, 29.4m/s2 (3G), 294m/s2 (30G)
Dust & splash proof Protection class IP64 equivalent
EMC Conforms to CE regulations (Class A)
Power Supply Battery Lithium-ion (built-in) ,Battery Operation: 4 hours (Typ.) (with power saving mode)
AC Adapter 100V – 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz (AC Adapter by USB cable, micro B connector)
Dimensions Camera-Head: Approx. 30mm×40mm×130mm (excluding projection and cable)
Controller    : Approx. 169mm (H) x 92mm (W) × 24.5mm (D) (excluding projection and cable)
Weight Camera-Head : Approx. 100g
Controller     : Approx. 400g (excluding cable)
Accessory Carrying case, micro SD Card, micro SD Card Adapter, USB AC Adapter, micro USB cable (for power feeding and connection), Neck Strap, Operation Manual, Software(NS9500LT)

*1 Tolerance : ±5%
*2 For temperature accuracy : 100cm to infinity
*3 For temperature accuracy : 30cm to infinity
*4 Environment temperature of camera unit in operation: 15℃ or higher (in case of lower than 15℃: Measuring Range in -20℃ to 300℃ )
*5 Environment temperature of camera unit in operation: 0℃ to 40℃ (other conditions: ±4℃ or ±4%)
*6 SAX format for USA and European countries. JPEG is not available.
*7 In order to transfer Thermal motion image by F50A-ONL/F50B-ONL, it is required to upgrade to “InfReC Analyzer NS9500 Professional” (optional software)
*8 In case of camera head use in an environment where the ambient temperature exceeds 60̊C, Visible Camera will be set “OFF” by function of high temperature protection.

  • Specifications and outline on this page are subject to change without notice for improvement.
  • Company names and commodity names are trade names or registered trade marks of each company.
  • Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. will not be responsible for any damage of infrared detectors due to incoming strong light (e.g. laser) through lens(es).
  • This product is subject to the United States’ Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for the reason that it incorporates U.S.-made components and parts. Depending on its destination or subsequent user’s purpose or business, U.S. Government assessment and authorization prior to re-exporting, reselling or retransferring might be required.

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