Ito Group Tabletop ACF Laminator

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    Compact tabletop ACF laminator for all ACF lamination requirements

    The Ito Group TTL-6010 is a tabletop ACF laminator designed to be used in production environments as well as prototyping labs. It laminates a single piece of ACF to a single site on a substrate that in turn is manually loaded and unloaded by the operator. It features a touch panel for setting lamination parameters and is extremely easy to use and maintain.

    Additional Features:

    • Highly-responsive PID controllers for temperature control.
    • Precision air cylinder for fine pressure control.
    • 600UPH (TYP).
    • Maximum 60mm ACF lamination length.
    • Maximum 10mm ACF lamination width.
    • Designed for rapid tooling changeover.
    • Floating CarrierTM capable.
    • Comprehensive native English manual covering set-up, process development, maintenance, and operation. Other languages (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.)

    Full specifications are available through the link below.


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