Ito Group Tabletop ACF Aligner-Bonder With Slide Stage

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    A low cost manual ACF aligner-bonder with excellent alignment capabilities

    The Ito Group TTAB-1008C/2525A is a tabletop ACF (anisotropic conductive film) aligner-bonder with a Y-axis slide stage. It is available in both Constant heat and ActiveHeatTM configurations and is compatible with Ito Group’s Floating CarrierTM technology, allowing it to be used with complex 3D structures such as camera modules. The TTAB-1008C/2525A is designed to manually align a single device to a single substrate by using micrometers and a set of cameras and displays. The device can range from a simple flexible printed circuit to a complete display assembly or camera module. After alignment has been completed, the operator slides the stage to the rear of the machine for bonding. Load, unload, and alignment are all performed by the operator. Additional Features:

    • Highly-responsive PID controllers for temperature control.
    • Precision air cylinder with digital pressure regulator for fine pressure control.
    • Designed for rapid tooling changeover.
    • Floating CarrierTM capable.
    • Comprehensive native English manual covering set-up, process development, maintenance, and operation. Other languages (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.)

    General Specifications:

    ­­­ TTAB-1008C2 TTAB-1008C4 TTAB-2525A2 TTAB-2525A4
    Cameras/FPC Type 2/ Transparent 4/ Opaque 2/ Transparent 4/ Opaque
    Heating Method Constant Heat Ceramic ActiveHeat™
    Heat Tool Size Length: 5-100mm – Width: 1-8mm Length: 5-25mm – Width: 1-25mm
    Power AC100 – 240V, Single Phase

    The Ito TTAB 1008CR/2525AR is a tabletop aligner-bonder with rotary stage to improve throughput. It is available in both constant Heat and ActiveHeat configurations and features a unique stage support mechanism which allows the machine to be used with complex 3D structures such as camera modules.


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