Laser Diode Welder

Laser Diode Welder LW-D30A / LW-D100

For Many Different Types of Soldering and Plastic Welding!Material can be directly fabricated by the beam from the laser diode. It is most suitable for soldering and plastic welding.

  • Applicable to Various Shapes and Material
    Three types of output mode are available(Profile, Continuous, Pulse)
  • Laser Output Waveform is Visualized
    Preset numerical data is converted into waveform and displayed
    Actual output waveform is trace displayed
  • Simple Operation
    Laser can be output immediately after switch ON
    Easy-to-operate jog dial is equipped
    Guide light to confirm laser output position is provided
  • Suitable to be Equipped on Automated Machine
    RS-232C, I/O equipped
    Various monitoring (alarm) functions
  • Desk Top Type
  • Compatible to Pb Free Solder
Major Applications Exciter Source Laser Medium
Soldering and Plastic Welding Electric Current Semiconductor

Oscillation Waveform

Arbitrary Waveform
Arbitrary Waveform
Pulse Waveform
Pulse Waveform
Continuous Waveform
Continuous Waveform

Beam Profile

Beam Profile


Items LW-D30A LW-D100
Max Rated Power 26W 100W
  • Small spot diameter and high power density
    In addition to the standard spot diameter model (MinΦ800μm), small spot diameter with optional lens (MinΦ400μm) is available, too
  • Light weight, air cooled, compact
    Small foot print contributes in securing work area and smaller size of the total machine
  • Output head is attached as standard
  • Completely air cooled with high output of maximum 100W
  • Small spot diameter and high power density
    In addition to the standard spot diameter model (fiber core diameter Φ400μm), small spot diameter model (fiber core diameter Φ200μm) is available, too

Oscillator Structure

Laser Diode Chip Cross-sectional Diagram
(Example of double hetero-structure)

Laser Diode Chip Cross-sectional Diagram (Example of double hetero-structure)

* Regarding the semiconductor structure, more layers are added as necessary making the structure more complicated.

Oscillator Structure

Avio Unique Profile Output

The output can adapt itself instantaneously to the changes in shape and thickness of the work.

Profile Mode
Profile Mode


Items LW-D30A LW-D100
Wave Length 980 nm
Max Rated Power 26 W (Class 4) 100 W (Class 4)
Output Head Attached Sold Separately
Optical Fiber Core Diameter φ 400 μm Two types, Φ400 μm、Φ200 μm
Core Diameter When standard output head is used :
φ800 μm (WD 80 mm)
When additional option lens is used :
φ400 μm (WD 35 mm)
When separately sold output head is used :
(imaging magnifi cation switchable between ×1 and ×2)

  • Fiber core diameter Φ400 μm type
    ×2 Φ800 μm / ×1 Φ400 μm
  • Fiber core diameter Φ200 μm type
    ×2 Φ400 μm / ×1 Φ200 μm
  • When×2 WD 185 mm / When×1 WD 83 mm
Guide Beam 635 nm
Output Condition 15 Data
Output Setting Range Current : 3.0 – 56.4 A (0.1 A step)
Power : 0.0 – 26.0 W (0.1 W step)
Current : 0.10 – 10.30 A (0.01 A step)
Power : 0.0 – 100.0 W (0.1 W step)
Time Setting Range 0.000 – 99.999 s (1 ms step)
Interface I / O、RS-232C (max 57600 bps)
Output Mode CW output, Pulse output, Profi le waveform output (max 256 point setting)
Monitor Display LD drive current, Laser power (Digital display, Graphic display)
Alarm Function Interlock error, Control error, Over current error, Over power error, LD high temperature error, FET high temperature error
Cooling Method Air
Power Source AC 100 V ±10%、50/60 Hz AC 100 – 240 V ±10%、50/60 Hz
Max Power Consumption 800 W
Dimension / Weight W200×D430×H280 mm (excluding protrusion and optical system)
19 kg (excluding optical system)
W435×D430×H255 mm (excluding protrusion and optical system)
30 kg (excluding optical system)

Output Head

Output Head with Coaxial Camera for LW-D30A
Output Head with Coaxial Camera for LW-D30A
  • * As for LW-D30A, output head without coaxial camera is attached as standard.
Output Head for LW-D100
Output Head for LW-D100

Dual Spot Unit

  • By adding a standard output unit, simultaneous joining of two points with narrow pitch is enabled
  • As the pitch can be customized, please consult with us
  • Pitch : Approx. 0.45mm (fixed)
    Spot : Approx. 0.34mm
    WD : Approx. 34mm

Dual Spot Unit

Auto Calibration Kit

  • By connecting to LW-D30A, the output can be calibrated automatically
  • Head External Dimension : W66×D38×H60mm
  • * Please consult us for LW-D100 separately.

Auto Calibration Kit








  • Our laser welder products comply with the “Safety of laser products” of Japanese Industrial Standards and the “Preventive measures against interference by laser beam”, a notice from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • When using a laser welder, please make sure to follow the instruction manual and label or caution note displayed on or attached to the product.

Laser Beam

  • Our laser welder products correspond to class 4 laser. Make sure not to have the beam emitted from the laser welder get directly into your eyes.
    Even the reflected light or the scattered light is very dangerous. Be careful not to have the light get into your eyes.
  • In case the laser beam is irradiated on human body, there is a possibility for a serious interference to be caused. Be sure to wear a laser protection gear within an area where the laser beam may reach you.
  • Do not irradiate laser beam into the air. Be sure to terminate.
  • Do not irradiate laser toward an inflammable object. A fire may be caused.

High Voltage

  • When replacing a flash bulb or removing the power supply cover, turn the power OFF and wait for 5 minutes before doing so.
  • Be sure to ground the ground terminal of the chassis.

Handling of Laser Welder

  • Appoint a laser safety administrator.
  • Establish a laser controlled zone for safety control.
  • Never modify the equipment.

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