Magic Mark for manual workstations and integrators

Magic Mark is the interface between user and laser system. The marking software allows the user to create various marking contents whilst controlling the complete laser system. The user-friendly software interface includes all functions for working with a manual workstation as well as for integrated solutions.Magic Mark is always included in a standard delivery.


Entire layout design

  • User-friendly software interface
  • Large selection of different elements for creating laser marking contents
  • Preparation and positioning of simple geometrics, text and codes with a simple mouse-click
  • All Windows fonts installed on your PC can be used
  • Intuitive use of known text processiong program funktions including multiline texts, font size, line spacing and text orientation etc.
  • Integrated code module contains data matrix codes (2D codes), a large number of barcodes (1D codes), QR codes and PDF 417. The contents, size and quality of the codes are all processable
  • WYSIWYG concept: large preview window shows marking area of laser as well as the entire laser marking content which allows clean and fast working
  • Import function for embedding of graphics such as sketches, logos and warning symbols or import of vector or pixel graphics
  • Alongside fixed marking contents, Magic Mark also supports the creation of variable information such as serial numbers, time and date entries by using simple shortcut keys
  • All created layouts can be saved including the associated laser parameters and axis positions, therefore recurrent workpieces only have to be set up once


Support in laser parameter selection

  • Integrated material databasefor optimal laser parameter selection
  • Add missing materials by using the quick and simple parameter test tool


Complete control

  • Magic Mark controls the entire laser marking system
  • Easy controll of all laser functions and peripheral devices such as axes (x, y, z and rotation axis), integrated handling systems, foil marking module, rotary indexing table, cameras and special solutions


Intelligent user management

  • Establishment of various access levels
  • Diverse authorisations ranging from simple system operator to system administrator


Numerous program functions

  • Embedding graphics (in various formats)
  • True type and single line fonts
  • Text and graphic stretching/compressing/ rotation
  • Wraparound circumferential marking
  • Code modul (DataMatrix-code, QR-code, barcode, PDF 417)
  • Serial numbers
  • Extensive help functions
  • Complex sequence control via script language (VB)
  • Control via external .NET programs


Laser communication

  • USB 2.0
  • 480 Mbit/s


Laser functions

  • Control of parameters
  • Shutter operation
  • Laser start/stop function
  • Function monitoring


Control functions

  • Axis support (x, y, z, rotary axis)
  • Industrial control system support (dig. I/O)
  • Optionally, other functions available, such as remote maintenance, connections to databases or higher-level control units

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