ME-5000VT Digital Valve Controller: VALVEMASTER

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    High-precision digital valve controller.

    • Improved pressure stability eliminates dispensing volume fluctuation.
    • Software parameters to control dripping.
    • Digital controls ensure ergonomic ease-of-use and high repeatability.
    • All dispensing parameters are controlled within the controller unit.
    • Interface for monitoring dispensing parameters and performance allows for mounting within automated systems.
    Model ME-5000VT
    Control System Electro-pneumatic
    Output Settings Liquid Dispense 5.0-700.0 kPa
    Valve Operation 5.0-700.0 kPa
    Output Timer 0.01-99.99 seconds
    Display Digital LED
    Input Signalling Input: Mechanical or Static Relay
    Output: Mechanical Relay
    Switchable between no voltage and biased signalling.
              Mode switch signal.
    Output: Mechanical Relay Output Complete Signal
                  Operating Signal
                Mode Status Signal
                  Power ON Signal
          Tank Low Pressure Signal
         Valve Low Pressure Signal
    Air Supply ≤800kPa Output + 100kPa
    Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz  12W
    Size and Weight W280×D247×H122mm 4.3Kg

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