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Ito America, Ito China, Ito Europe, Ito India, Ito Japan, Ito Thailand

At medium volume production (Individual runs of larger than 1000 pcs or monthly volume of more than 2000 pieces) it almost always becomes a better solution to shift production to a higher-volume site than the Ito America ACF Applications Lab. We currently work with two factories in Asia to handle our higher volume production requirements, as with many contract manufacturers they are typically not as interested in the smaller runs as they are in the larger ones.

This is where Ito Group’s experience and network pays off. Because we supply equipment and materials to our partners, and because we can capture and bring them a fairly stable number of small contracts on a continual basis, we are able to work with them to accept orders of 1000-2000 pieces that they would normally decline.

Ito Group currently handles industrial and military display assemblies at these levels of production.

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