ML-5000X II Standard Digital Dispenser

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New generation standard digital dispenser.

  • Excellent dispensing accuracy achieved thanks to integration of sophisticated features such as an air pulse stabilization circuit.
  • 65% smaller than comparable units.
  • Input signal may be set to OFF, or any of 5V, 12V, or 24V.
  • Standard anti-drip mechanism
ML-5000X II
Control System
Microcontroller & Pneumatic Controller
Air Pressure Control System
Air Pulse Stabilization Circuit
Output Pressure
5.0-700.0 kPa
Output Timer
0.01-9.999 seconds
Output Timer Controller
Digital Controller
Vacuum Setting
0 to -20.0kPa
Digital LED
Input Signalling
Input: Mechanical or Static Relay Output: Mechanical Relay
Air Supply
≤800kPa Output + 100kPa
AC100-240V 50/60Hz 17W
Size and Weight
W188×D196×H76mm 3.4kg
Anti-Drip Mechanism
Shot Switch
Adjustable Input Signal Voltage