ML-808GX High precision dispenser that supports viscosity fluctuation

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    This super digital dispenser handles viscosity changes

    • Easily integrated into factories requiring automated control and data tracking capabilities.
    • Auto-increment function reduces need for operator intervention.
    • RS-232C port for external data communications.
    • Automatic dispensing pressure control allows for a wide range of viscosities to be used.
    • CE-marked products (EMC, LVD) are available.
    • Compatible with Musash MuCOM 808 Software for setting up, editing, and saving dispense parameter data on a PC.


    • Sealant dispensing of PUR for smartphone’s cover
    • Dispensing of 2-part epoxy adhesive to motors
    • Line width variable in an instant


    Model ML-808GX
    Control system Micro-computer controlled electro-pneumatic system
    Pneumatic control circuit Air pulse stable circuit (PAT.)
    Pressure setting range 20 to 800kPa (in steps of 0.1kPa)
    Dispensing duration range 0.01 to 999.9sec. (in steps of 0.001sec.)
    Dispensing mode Timed mode/manual mode
    Vacuum pressure range 0 to –20kPa
    Vacuum time range 0.001 to 4.000sec. (in steps of 0.001sec.)
    Main functions Auto increment function
    Auto slope function
    Express shot function
    RS-232C communication function
    I/O communication function
    Input/output signal Input: Contact input or open collector input
    Output: Open collector output
    Dispensing conditions edit software MuCOM for ML-808GX (option)
    Supply air pressure Dispensing pressure + 100kPa or more, and max. 900kPa
    Rated power source and frequency 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
    Input voltage and frequency
    /over-voltage category
    90 to 264V AC, 47 to 63Hz
    Power consumption 40W
    Applicable fuse 250V T2.0A (time-lag fuse ø5 type)
    Operating environment Temperature range: 15 to 35°C
    Humidity range: 25 to 75%, non-condensing
    Elevation: below 2000m
    Dimensions W255×D325×H102mm
    Weight 5kg
    Safety standard Compliant with EU RoHS
    Compliant with CE mark (EMC LCD)

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