SuperΣ®xIII Revision function high precision dispenser

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    Featuring improved precision & better materials management

    • High precision dispense of the highest increasing quality
    • Operability improves
    • High cycle time high throughput
    • Contributes to reduced running cost
    • All-in-one Full Automation revision function





    Dispensing method

    Air pulse

    Discharge pressure setting

    Microcomputer control electro/pneumatic method

    Dispense mode

    Timed mode/manual mode

    Discharge pressure setting range

    0.010-0.500 MPa

    0.005-0.200 MPa

    Discharge time setting range

    0.001 … 9999.999s

    Vacuum pressure set range

    -0.020-0 MPa

    -0.010-0 MPa

    Main function

    At the waterside difference automatic compensation, dripping automatic prevention, automatic residual quantity warning, α revision, δ revision,
    Vacuum pressure revision, residual quantity indication revision, dispense counter, stopwatch,
    Japanese-English running out of indication spare exhaust error, pressure change error, pressure over error,
    Vacuum pressure error, solenoid valve error, solenoid valve warning

    The number of the channels

    100 CH

    RS-232C serial communication


    Input signal

    We pre-set dispense, running out of channel spare dispense mode spare channel,
    Channel-designated channel step

    Output signal

    While is completed, and dispense cycles among dispense lady, dispense, pressure change error,
    Under solenoid valve alarm, error, residual quantity warning, electricity

    Rating power supply and frequency

    AC100-240 V 50/60 Hz

    Power Consumption


    Conformity standard

    CE marking (low voltage order, EMC order)
    EU RoHS

    Exterior dimensions W*D*H

    W300 X D250 X H100 mm


    5.4 kg

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