Monolithic Type Head

Reliable Best Seller Head Favored by the Users over the Years!
It is a Monolithic Type Reasonably Priced Head Applicable from R&D to Volume Production

Standard Type

Standard Type NA-62D









Air Drive Type

Air Drive Type NA-66








  • Monolithic Head with Integrated Drive Section and Force Application Section
  • Heater Tips are Accommodated
  • Two Types, Manual Driven and Air Driven
Items NA-62D NA-66
Pressure Range 4.9 – 44.1N 4.9 – 44.1N
Stroke 8mm 8mm
Drive Method Manual by Foot Pedal Air
Dimension / Weight W77 x D212 x H275mm ≈2.4kg W77 x D212 x H360mm ≈3.8kg
Microscope, Stand and Pallet for NA-62D or NA-66


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