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    Highly functional ECO Dispenser®

    • These multifunctional units have higher accuracy and one-half the power consumption of previous units.
      • Power consumption has been reduced by 50%!
      • Dispense precision is significantly better than comparable models.
    • Equipped with dispense set-up function.
    • Ultralight weight and compact design.
    • Equipped with wide-range dispense timer.
    • RoHS and CE certificated.
    Model MS-1      MS-1D
    Control System Digital Electro-pneumatic
    Output Pressure 20.0-700.0 kPa
    Output Pressure Display Analog Display Digital Display
    Output Timer 20-500kPa
    Output Timer Display 4-line LED Display
    Vacuum Setting 0 to -20.0kPa
    Input Signalling Input: Mechanical or Static Relay
    Output: Mechanical Relay
    Air Supply ≤800kPa
    Output + 100kPa
    Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz  12W
    (With supplied AC adapter.)
    Size and Weight W142×D139×H103mm 790g
    Anti-Drip Mechanism
    Setup Function
    Shot Switch
    Settable Output Signalling Capability

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