Needle adapter P-NADP-14/P-NADP-11 (old :NA-1/NA-2)

Adapter to connect valve and cartridge and needle

It is adapter to connect valve and cartridge and needle.

Article name Material Model Remarks
Needle adapter [No. 14] ①Brass (Ni plating) P-NADP-14
(old :NA-1)
The one for valve
Needle adapter [No. 15] ②Fluorine coat P-NADP-15
(old :NA-1T)
Needle adapter [No. 12] ③Brass (Ni plating) P-NADP-12
(old :NA-2V)
The one for barrel
Needle adapter [No. 13] ④Fluorine coat P-NADP-13
(old :NA-2VT)
Needle adapter [No. 17] ⑤Stainless steel, fluoric resin, Brass (Ni plating) P-NADP-17 Double thread screw lure lock plug


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