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The highly stabilized welding current generated by this power supply is optimal for resistance welding of precision electronic parts.

  • Multiple control mode (Constant current, constant voltage, and constant power).
  • Up & Down Slope control.
  • Over 100 monitoring patterns.
  • Switching function of TS is fast and has a long life.
  • Equipped with an RS232C interface as standard.
  • External printer is available.
  • May use a maximum of 8 transformers (NT-IN4000A).
NRW-IN4200 NRW-IN8400
Welding Transformer NT-IN4400 NT-IN8400/ NT-IN4400
Maximum Current 4000A 8000A
Control Frequency 2KHz
Control Mode Constant current, Constant voltage, Constant power, Fixed pulse width
Range of Heat Control Current:0.4~4.1KA,
Voltage:0.4~6.2V/ 0.4~4.1V,
Current, Voltage, Power,
Resistance, Monitoring
Trace Monitoring Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Display of Wave Form Current, Voltage, Power, Resistance
Number of Conditions 31
Power Source AC200-230V±10%, 3Φ AC380-415V±10%, 3Φ
Dimensions W170 x D350 x H265mm ≈14Kg W186 x D490 x H265 ≈19Kg
NT-IN4400 NT-IN8400
Dimensions W150 x D267 x H210 ≈12Kg W210 x D342 x H210mm ≈18Kg
TS-IN4000 TS-IN4400
Dimensions W150 x D245 x H210 ≈5Kg W200 x D260 x H210mm ≈10Kg

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