Small Class Ultrasonic Welder

Ideal for Welding and Staking of Small Sized Parts

  • Output Power/Frequency Range: 500 W to 800 W; 20 kHz to 40 kHz

Transducer Unit W3011-39-D-CV

Serves a Wide Range of Applications when Used in Automation

Transducer Unit W3011-39-D-CV


Items W3011 W3012 W3013 W3014 W3015
Output Power 500W 800W 500W
Frequency 20kHz, 27kHz, 39kHz, 27kHz, 39kHz 20kHz, 27kHz 27kHz, 39kHz
Power Source AC100V ±5% 50/60Hz AC200V 1Φ AC100V ±5% 50/60Hz
Oscillation Method Automatic Tuning Hold Master Oscillator System
Generator Amplitude Adjustment *1 50 – 100% (5steps) *1 0 – 100% (Continuously)
Dimension / Weight W254 x D365 x H146mm
Approx. 6kg
W254 x D415 x H146mm
Approx. 7kg
Welder Unit Pressure Method Air Cylinder
Maximum Pressure 250N
Compressed Air Supply Required Clean Air (0.06 – 0.5MPa)
Horn Stroke 75mm (Φ25mm Air Cylinder)
Dimension / Weight W320 x D380 x H710mm Approx. 30 kg

*1 Continuous adjustment function of the amplitude between 70-100% is available by mounting optional variable transformer externally.

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