SuperΣ CMIII Fully digital control dispenser

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    The pinnacle of air pulse controllers, featuring automation and communication functions.

    • Excellent stability during continuous dispensing.
    • Capable of being controlled from an external device or system.
    • Digital display allows dispensing conditions to be monitored.
    • Improved stability in pressure and operation without compromising the existing Super ΣCM functions.
    • Fine adjustment of Σ corrections fully controlled from the device.
    • MuCOM ΣCM software available to edit and save dispense parameters to a PC.
    • Conforms to CE regulations.
    Model Super ΣCMⅡ-V5 Super ΣCMⅡ-V2
    Control System Microcontroller & Pneumatic Controller
    Air Pressure Control System Air pulse stabilization circuit
    Output Pressure 30.0-500.0kPa 5.0-200.0kPa
    Output Timer Maximum 9999 seconds
    Output Timer Controller Digital Controller
    Vacuum Setting 0 to -20.0kPa
    Memory 100 Channels
    Input Signalling Input: Mechanical or Static Relay Output: Mechanical Relay
    Air Supply Maximum 600 kPa (Output +100kPa) 300kPa
    Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz 40W
    Size and Weight W300×D300×H100mm 6.6kg
    Σ3 Main Functionality
    Output Fine Controls (α Compensation, δCompensation)
    Vacuum Auto-Control
    Remaining Fluid Indicator
    Data Upload/Download (RS-232C)


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