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Transistor type welding power supplies are suitable for precise welding of superfine wires and micro components.

  • Consistent and precise welding using high-speed linear controls.
  • 3 control modes: Constant current, constant voltage, and constant power.
  • High productivity through high-speed welding. Up to 5 shots per second.
  • Pre-weld check function reduces spark problems.
  • Simultaneous graphic display of V, I and W wave forms.
Items MCW-700 MCW-750
Maximum Current 500A 1800A
Maximum Voltage  2V 4V
Constant Current Mode 10-500A (1A STEP) 10-1800A (1A STEP)
Constant Voltage Mode 0.001-2V (1mV STEP) 0.01-4V (10mV STEP)
Constant Power Mode 10-500W (1W STEP) 10-3600W (1W STEP)
Weld Time : Up 0-999ms x0.01 or 0.1
Weld Time : Weld 0-999ms x0.01 or 0.1
Weld Time : Down 0-999ms x0.01 or 0.1
Weld Time: Squeeze & Hold 9.99s (maximum)
Pre-check Resistance /Current Resistance /Current
Shot / Sec 5 shots/sec : 500W 2ms 5 shots/sec : 3600W 2ms
Monitor : Wave form Current /Voltage /Power Current /Voltage /Power
Monitor : Current Average /Peak Average /Peak
Monitor : Voltage Average /Peak Average /Peak
Monitor : Power Average /Peak Average /Peak
Number of Conditions 15 15
Interface RS-232C, I/O, analog output RS-232C, I/O, analog output
Power Source
Dimensions W200 X D350 X H300 mm W200 X D350 X H400 mm
Mass ≈20Kg ≈27Kg

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