Ultrasonic Handheld Welder

Product Category:

Compact and Handheld Type
Small, Light Weight and Easy Operation Handheld Welder. Offers Continuously Variable Amplitude Time

  • Handheld 250 W Ultrasonic Welder
  • Wide Range of Applications from Prototype to Mass Production
  • Two Types, 28 kHz and 40 kHz
  • Versions Available for Automated Machines

Various Welder Units

Handheld Unit with Pressure Switch

Handheld Unit with Pressure Switch

  • Set Initial Pressure as the Welder is Pushed Against the Object. Welding is Triggered by Set Pressure. Easily Operated by All

Gun-type Grip

Gun-type Grip

  • Easy to Hold
  • Welds are Easily Made at Various Angles on Multiple Facets, not only Vertical and Horizontal

Generator Unit

This Unit is Specially Designed for Integration into Automated Machines. This Design Works Best for Multi-point Welding Using an Automated Machine

Ultrasonic Vibrator Unit


Items W2005-28 / 40
Output Power 250W
Frequency 28kHz, 40kHz
Power Source AC100V ±5% 50/60Hz
Oscillation Method Velocity Feedback
Generator Amplitude Adjustment *1
Dimension / Weight W164 x D242 x H105mm Approx. 2kg
Welder Unit Pressure Method Handheld *2
Maximum Pressure 100N (10kgf)
Dimension / Weight Φ36 – 52 x 275mm Approx. 450g

*1 Continuous adjustment function of the amplitude between 70-100% is available by mounting optional variable transformer externally.

*2 Air cylinder-typed press equipment is available as an option.