Welding Monitor


Highly Reliable welding by “Visualizing” welding process

By Max. sampling frequency 50kHz (Min. resolution: 0.02ms) , it correspond to Transistor type welding power supply. By visualizing welding time of max. welding time 3 sec., it suitable for husing and resistance brazing.

  • 255 Condition Setting
  • Display Max. 10 items(Measured/Calculated/Counted)
  • Current (RMS) display : conformable to ISO17657
  • 5.7” Color Touch Panel
  • Variety of signal and interface, which makes it easy for automation
    10 I/O output
    6 process control output
    External analog input
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Thermal printer
  • Run Chart display visualizes the transition




Item Specification
Measurement Current(RMS/PEAK), Voltage(RMS/PEAK), Weld time (Weld cycle),
Displacement, Pressure, Conduction angle, External analog X2
Monitor Display Current(RMS/PEAK), Voltage(RMS/PEAK),
Weld time (Weld cycle), Displacement, External analog X2
Pressure, Conduction angle, Power, Resistance, Calculated value
Waveform Display REAL Current, AVE Current, REAL Current, AVE Current,
Power, Resistance, Displacement, Pressure, External analog X2
Run Chart Display PEAK Current, RMS Current, PEAK Voltage, RMS Voltage
Power, Resistance, Displacement, Pressure, External analog x2,
Calculated value, Time
Current Measurement Range 50~2,000A、100~20,000A、1,000~100,000A
Time Measurement Range 0.00~3000.00ms、0.0~300.0CYC
Display 5.7” color LCD touch panel
Number of Conditions 255
Printer Thermal printer
Interface I/O DC24V NPN, PNP, and external power
Judgment output : 10 lines
Process control output : 6 lines
Communication Ethernet
Memory Card CF Card
Input Power AC100 to 240V ±10%  50/60Hz
Weight 5.6kg
Dimension W170 x H256 x D338mm

* Toroidal Coil / Toroidal Coil (x10) / AC Cable are sold separately
* Optional board is required for measurement of displacement・pressure. Also, sensors are separately sold.



Powerful Functions for Quality Management.

QC-440 monitors welding current and its time, which are key factors among welding conditions.
It is essential for improvement and management of welding quality.

* Calibration certificate for QC-440 is not free of charge. Please ask sales representative for quotation.








Type QC-440
Waveform Single AC Type, Capacitor Type, Inverter Type, Transistor Type
Current 0.50 – 45.0kA
Time 0.5 – 99.5 cycle (0.5 cycle step) / 1 – 199 msec (capacitor mode 1ms step)
Displacement Measurement Range -99.99 – 99.99mm or -9.999 – 9.999mm
Accuracy Current ±2% (F.S) Time±0%
Current: over, under (3 digits)
Time: over, under (Cycle: 2 digits msec: 3 digits)
Displacement: over, under (4 digits)
* With GOOD or NG Signal Output Function
Display Items Channel, Current Value (A/B), Time (A/B), Analog Input
Number of
Monitoring Condition
2* 99 condition
Data Storage Capacity 2000 shoots
Counter 0 – 99999
Interface RS-485-compliant
Printer Interval Printing Function Memory Printing Function
Toroidal-coil Sensitivity: x 1 (Option), x 10 (Option)
Power Consumption 80VA
Power Source AC100-240V ±10% 50/60Hz
Dimension / Weight W141 x H303 x D344mm ≈4.5kg



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